How to Begin Career in Hotel Management?

Hotel Management in recent days has developed in the market, to be an important career option. After completing class 12, a lot of students, are showing interest in this field. Bachelor Degree, Master Degree as well as further higher studies in this field can be carried out. In India, the place industry carries a prosperous history. With the introduction of the tourism industry, your accommodation market is also developing parallel. So a need additionally generates to run these hotels properly. With changing time, the dwelling and operational patterns in the hotel industry has evolved remarkably. Groups of hotels signify the working pattern of each and every hotel. To ensure that employ a pleasing personality and contains the willingness to cater the requirements of people visiting their hotel could be the necessity before any academic degree in this field.

Which are the duties of a housekeeper?

A hotel manager accounts for all of the activities from the hotel which are linked to providing service to all of it’s boarders. He is in charge of the proper administration with the hotel. He or she is also accountable for maintaining coordination of all staffs doing work in various departments. Division of Labour on this subject depends upon the dimensions of the hotel. A smaller hotel has lesser effort than that of a large one. Jobs are divided among various sectors like reception, housekeeping, accounting, cooking, attending etc. Trainings are shown accordingly in the probationer period before one completely absorbs into the job.


After using the degree, in the internship period, a staff generally gets his remuneration around Rs.10K to 15,000. After the internship a skilled hosteler gets more than Rs.30, 000 a month.

Working hours

Generally working hours are assigned to a specific time, but in the event of any emergency this stipulated working hour makes no difference. Priority from the borders combined with the standing of the place comes first in those days.

Best places to study?

There are many public and private colleges and institutes that supply degree and diploma in this subject, but it is always advised to review from a UGC sanctioned reputed institute. Naturally there are particular eligibility criteria for various colleges. Written examinations are also taken by some. Essentially the most prestigious institutes in this field are:

1. The National Institute of Hotel Management.

2. Haldia Institute of Hotel Management.

3. IIHM Bengaluru.

4. Sikkim Manipal University of Hotel Management.

The above five institute shows a great record of providing placement to 87% of these students. Students securing CGPA greater than 9.000 receives purports to start their career in abroad.


Grants and scholarship are not so ample within the national level. Colleges acknowledge successful candidates with awards.

Loans from banks

Loans can be purchased and is repaid after you have the job.

Find India’s Top Colleges


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