What you Need to Know Before Deciding Between Pursuing MCA or MBA?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide just what course to pursue after a degree at university, as most of the time, you are qualified for both courses offered, along with the difference between the courses available could be as easy as an initial! Here is the dilemma faced by millions of young adults who could be in a position to pursue a Masters degree, but aren’t yet certain of work path, and have career goals in mind but do not specifically the way to get there.

This document will outline what both MCA and MBA entail, their pros and cons, opportunities that await those that complete the courses, and lastly tips on scenarios that you can get with the current economic market, that may assist you for making this difficult yet important decision.


To start with, you must prepare early in your graduate studies, and the sooner you will get your marks to be able, the better. Be sure to carry out the right set of cluster subjects to pre-qualify you for the course you prefer to undertake at the graduate level then be sure to pass with flying colors! Once that is certainly achieved, it is possible to determine what you happen to be good at academically. Then discover what you’re great at naturally while not having to work so hard or study hard. These are generally your soft skills, or talents. These will probably be key determinants of if you should choose Masters of Computer Application or perhaps Masters of Business Administration. It is possible to find out what your strengths academically by reviewing and analyzing your undergraduate results, preferably with your academic advisor. On your soft skills, your friends and family comes into play handy because they can to analyze your social skills, thus enabling you to see whether you’d probably rather work on technology development (MCA) or tend to be appropriately suited to management (MBA). Occasionally, you will probably find that you are equally matched at both soft skills and academics, making your choice pursue MCA or MBA more daunting, however, not impossible.


The Master of Computer Applications has been often a science based technical course offered for three academic years. The curriculum is cover six semesters, with those doing MCA licensed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) covering courses offering Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics, Systems, Database management, Algorithm design and analysis, Programming, Computer networking, Software Engineering and web technology.


The MBA course is management based course offered over a period of a couple of years or an equivalent of four semesters. For young students pursuing MBA approved by AICTE, the subsequent courses will be covered and evaluated: Principles of economic Management, Managerial Economics, and Research Methodology, Business law, Hr, Financial, Marketing, Logistics and Strategic management.
Both MCA and MBA students undergo training in Professional Communication, Business law, Environmental Ethics, eMarketing and Business of Management.


With the MCA qualification, you probably will secure a job like a computer professional, either as a systems analyst, software engineer, software developer, web design service or as a computer Networker. The salary is good, although there isn’t much room for movement inside the career ladder. For the MBA student, several options await them, including financial, HR, marketing and offer chain management. The path up the career ladder to have MBA is long and fruitful, with most employees getting hefty salary packages. They get the chance to advance to an advanced status to the CEO of the company. This would not fool you, however, much like many remunerations come even higher expectations in job performance. Most MBAs ought to sacrifice family some time to have a tendency to work under additional pressure than the MCAs.

Finally, whatever career path you choose to determine by yourself; always know there are more graduates churned out from the Universities than there are occupations. Therefore try whenever you can nurture the entrepreneur within you, in case you might want to adventure into self-employment.

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